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Can you ride without aids ?

You can always learn to ride with anyone's help. But you may make bad posture and bad habits. In the end, you will surely run out of confidence. Or you'll need it if you want to progress.
Self-confidence is one of the main qualities that a budding rider must have.

He must be able to communicate, monitor and work with his mount. The only way to do that is to use a good instructor who introduced his students to riding with confidence.
Riding should be a hobby not a duty!

The first riding lessons

The first riding lessons reserve you many discoveries. You will learn to get to know your horse but also the life of the equestrian center (equipment, rules to follow, animations ...).
It is best to arrive at the club 30 minutes before starting his course to take the time to look after his horse: the brush and the seller. It is also an opportunity to get to know your riding instructor and the other riders.

The role of the monitor

The instructor will be there to help you get on your horse, adjust your stirrups ...

The first lessons will familiarize you gently with the basic skills of riding.

To build confidence, the monitor can provide saddle-up exercises like touching the horse's ears or touch your feet. After the warm up, it will show you how to stop your horse, how to move and how to turn. It also happens that the monitor offers games on horseback.
After several sessions, you will be able to guide your horse independently.

The role of the saddle

To be confident, you will also need a good saddle.
A good saddle, it is a saddle adapted to the horse and good quality. Few young riders have knowledge of the importance that a well adapted saddle, for the horse can have. But they must be aware because the most important is the horse's back that it should be spared and protected.

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