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How to approach a horse for the first time ?

Everyone dreams of having her own horse. But once the big day arrived, we fear a little the way we behave with him the first time. Although most horses are renowned for having a soft character, it will not be the case with ours. Then how to approach our new horse without frightening it?

A few rules to follow

It is important before you even think to caress the horse to talk to him and let him know, through our voice, that we are there. There must be a calm tone that will reassure him. This is essential if the horse in question is the timid kind. But for the most restless, we can address them in a firm tone to show them that it is us who are leading the game and we dominate them.

To approach a horse for the first time, it’s better to avoid sudden movements or cries that could panic it. Once warned of our presence, we can gently caress on the rump and start the climb after placing antares saddles above. In most countries, the rule is to approach the horse at the left side while addressing him in a reassuring way.

Earn the respect of your horse

To dominate a horse and succeed in the climb, we must already start by winning their respect, something that is difficult to the uninitiated with breeding these animals, which was known to be difficult to tame.We can try several exercises for this purpose in order to mount it, direct it and make it follow the allure that suits us. Obviously, it will take some time especially if you aredealing with a fearful horse but with some training sessions with a good monitor, it is easy to get the respect of the horse especially if we want to participate in the different equestrian sports.